Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Blog Goals Update!

So I promised myself that I'd check the status of my blog goals this year, every 3-4 months! Since it finally settled in yesterday that it's already May, I'm a bit overdue. But hey, better late than never, right! Without further ado, here's an update on how things have been going.

Reading Goals:

#1 - Read More Short Fiction

So I've actually been quite proud of how well I've done on this goal! It helps that I went in search of some quality short story magazines to subscribe to. When they arrive on my Kindle, I get excited about reading them! I tried Clarkesworld and Lightspeed magazine first. They weren't really my cup of tea. Now I'm subscribed to Apex Magazine and Uncanny Magazine and they are GREAT! I highly recommend them. Short stories, poetry, and tons of amazing things to get lost in. I've read about 20 short stories already this year.

Even when I'm too busy to get through a whole novel, I can devour something short and sweet. I love it!

#2 - Clear my NetGalley TBR

Hmmm... okay. Well, being totally honest, I haven't done great on this one. We spent much of March and April moving, and I really haven't finished many books. Unless they were marked for a promised review, they've been languishing on my Kindle. I aim to fix that in the coming months though! My mini-goal, out of this, is to at least diminish it by 15 when I next check in. Fingers crossed.

Blogging Goals:

#1 - Post (relevant) content at least 3 times a week.
The good news is that I've consistently hit at least 12 posts a month since I made this goal! So I'm pretty spot on. The bad news is that I'm really striving for more fun and original content. I'm slowly starting to come out of my shell again, after the blahfest that last year was. It's progress!

#2 - Plan blogs ahead of time.

This... well... this I've been having trouble with, for the above mentioned reason. My creativity is slowly coming back though, so I'm going to try to type whenever the mood strikes me!

Overall Progress: Not too shabby!

I definitely have a lot to work on, but I'm hoping that now that we're settled in to the new house things will get easier. By the time I next check in, I'll be kicking butt at these! *grins* Do you have any goals that you're working on?



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