Monday, July 11, 2011

Talking characters with Jo Knowles, author of Pearl

 The amazing Jo Knowles, author of Lessons from a Dead Girl, Jumping Off Swings and most recently Pearl, is here today to share a bit about her new main character. Bean is the protagonist in Pearl and she's quite an interesting character. Here's a look into her world a bit, through the eyes of Jo.

Describe Bean in three words.

Confused. Thoughtful. Misunderstood.

What is Bean’s favorite quirk about Henry?

I think even though she complains about it all the time, she likes how Henry is constantly fanning his t-shirt away from his body so he doesn’t get sweat spots. It makes him human.

If Bean could spend one day with her mom doing anything, what would it be?

Oh wow. That is such a hard question! I wish I had thought of this while I was writing the book. It would be cool if they could spend the day alone, I think. Just the two of them. Maybe they could go out on Gus’s boat together. I think that would be perfect.

If Bean made the front page, what would the headline say?


What is Bean’s favorite book?

I can imagine Bean and Henry reading Holly Black’s books and having deep conversations about them. I think they would relate to her characters in particular because they’re often outsiders with a secret, too.

Thank you Jo for sharing!

If you haven't already put Pearl on your wishlist, make sure to do it soon! It's a book that is well worth your time.



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