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Cover Reveal: Polarities (Pendomus #2) by Carissa Andrews

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Another Monday has arrived, bookish friends, and you're probably trying to wind down from an epic weekend of reading. Oh wait, just me? Well either way, allow me to start your week off right! It's time for a cover reveal, for a book that I'm very excited about!

Book 2 of the Pendomus series is here!

Polarities is the second novel in the Pendomus Chronicles Series. To see where it all began, be sure to check out Carissa's first novel, Pendomus: Book 1 of the Pendomus Chronicles.

With Runa separated from the only people who’ve had her back, she must go on a quest alone to uncover what it really means to be the Daughter of Five. Dropped in an unknown location, presumably still on the planet, she only has a monolithic book — the Caudex — as her guide, but it’s not giving up its answers easily. Will she be able to uncover the mysteries?

In the meantime, Trae and Kani are on a mission of their own, which may turn out to be disastrous. With Fenton dead and Runa gone, their next course of action is to strike Videus back where he’ll hurt most. Will their plan succeed to bring down the mysterious man behind the Helix? Will Runa be able to find her way back to her friends? Or is the planet doomed to destruction after all?

Truth be told, I was over the moon when Carissa contacted me about doing this reveal. Pendomus, the first book in the series, kindled my imagination and I was excited to see what was coming next. It's here! Well, almost anyhow. I can't wait!

The banner up at the top will take you straight to the pre-order page, but in case you're too lazy to scroll, let me help you out. You can pre-order it here.

"An author emerges from the depths of Minnesotan waters. Sci-fi/Fantasy is my pen of choice."

Carissa Andrews is a Minnesota-based genre bending author who writes a combination of science fiction, fantasy, and dystopia. When not writing her own books, she's busy reading them.

Her first novel, Pendomus, was the first of a three-part series and was published in 2013. Now, four years later, Polarities (Book 2) of the Pendomus Chronicles, and Revolutions (Book 3) will be released at the end of 2017.

For more information on their release, visit Carissa Andrews' author website: and sign up for her newsletter notifications.

Carissa is also a freelance graphic designer, writer and content creator, social media manager, and marketing professional. She writes consistently on topics of science, technology, art, writing, photography, graphic design, health, self improvement, and more. Her articles can be found published across the interwebs. Carissa is also a Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork, and can be contacted for freelancing opportunities:

Book Blitz + Giveaway: The Union by T.H. Hernandez

The Union
T.H. Hernandez
(The Union #1)
Publication date: November 18th 2014
Genres: Dystopian, Young Adult
After global warming and a second civil war devastated the former United States, two different societies rose from the ashes – the Union, a towering high-tech utopia, hugging the perimeter of the continent, and the devastated, untamed midsection known as the Ruins.
Seventeen-year-old Evan Taylor has an easy, privileged life in the Union. What she doesn’t have is any idea what to do with the rest of her life. She only knows she wants to do something meaningful, to make a difference in the lives of others.
When she’s kidnapped and taken into the Ruins as a pawn in a dispute involving her boyfriend, Bryce, her ideal world is turned upside down. What she learns while in the Ruins shakes her faith in everything she’s ever known, from Bryce, to her family, and even the Union itself.
Now Evan must choose whether to stay with Cyrus, the sexy, resourceful survivor who believes she’s in the Ruins for a reason, or return to the only life she’s ever known. But when she stumbles upon a dangerous plot that threatens both worlds, her decision could tear her apart.
The Union is a futuristic young adult romantic adventure.
The complete series:
The Union – book 1 – is only 99¢ for a limited time!

My eyes flutter open to complete darkness, my brain cloudy. My shoulders ache and my arms are numb from sleeping on them. When I try to sit up, the moments before I blacked out come rushing back, filling me with dread.
My hands are tied behind my back, so the best I can do is roll to my side. I strain into the darkness to make sense of my surroundings. I’m inside something that’s moving. It’s too dark to make out anything, so I rely on my ears. A train. But not the L-Train, nor a commuter train. Maybe a cargo. My pulse throbs behind my eyelids and I fight the urge to vomit.
Shit, shit, shit. Tears fill my eyes, but I can’t afford to cry. I need to figure a way out of this mess. Lisa and Colin must have looked for me when I didn’t come back. That only provides small comfort though, since I have no idea where I am or how they’d find me.
None of this makes any sense. The only kidnappings in the Union are due to custody disputes. Maybe Eddie had me kidnapped. Except that’s completely crazy. If he was going to do that, why wait until I’m almost an adult and already on my way to see him?
This must be about money. A ransom or something. That seems so fantastic though, like straight out of a movie. There was that one kid who disappeared a couple of years ago, but it turned out he’d just run away.
Maybe it’s got something to do with my Uncle David. As one of only seven governors, he has an incredible amount of power. Only the Prime Minister has more. Unfortunately, it’s the only thing that makes sense. If I have any hope of surviving, he might have to give them what they want.

Author Bio:
T.H. Hernandez is the author of young adult books. The Union, a futuristic dystopian adventure, was a finalist in the 2015 San Diego book awards in the Young Adult Fiction category.
She loves pumpkin spice lattes, Game of Thrones, Comic-Con, Star Wars, Doctor Who marathons, Bad Lip Reading videos, and all things young adult, especially the three young adults who share her home.
When not visiting the imaginary worlds inside her head, T.H. Hernandez lives in usually sunny San Diego, California with her husband and three children, a couple of cats, and a dog who thinks he’s a cat, affectionately referred to as “the puppycat.”
You can find her online at


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mid-Year Reading Check In!

Please note that the above sentiment does not work on my husband, hahaha. I've tried. I've got three huge bookshelves though, so he may be right at this point ;). Who can really say?

I actually meant to post this on the 15th, but got really busy and forgot. So it's coming at you a few days later than expected. I really just wanted to check in, and let you know how my reading is going so far this year! Truth be told, it's going pretty fabulously. I know the posts here have been sporadic, but I'm reading more than I have in a while and it feels good.

I set myself a goal of 120 books this year. Only 10 books a month, so that way I could pick and choose what I wanted to read and not overwhelm myself. As it turns out, I'm killing that goal! So far this year I've read 79 books out of 120. I'm ahead of the game!

Favorite book of the year, so far, has been We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson. I'm pretty sure I've gushed about this book before, but it's absolutely excellent. Beautifully written. Haunting. Full of the kind of deep thoughts that make you feel all the feelings. I highly recommend it!

Second runner up goes to A Million Junes by Emily Henry. This book was just so much more than I expected it to be. It absolutely blew me away, and I was so happy. Again, highly recommended!

What I'm most proud of is the variety of things that I've read lately. I've been delving deeper into Contemporary books, and finding so much to love there. I've also been working hard on including more diverse books in my reading as well. As a whole, I'm trying to step outside the box. Which means, of course, that before the end of the year I'm going to have to finally read my most dreaded genre: MEMOIRS. I have faith though.

How is your reading going?


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