Monday, April 8, 2019

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? (4/8/19)

Happy Monday, my little readers!

I'm hoping you had as lovely of a weekend as I did! I didn't get much reading done, but honestly it was kind of nice to take a break. I spent time with family and friends, ate way too much good food, and just spent time with my hubby. Weekends like that keep me sane, and so I'm not too sad that I had to give up reading time. I'll make up for it this week, I'm sure!

Here's how my reading is going right now.

Last week I finished, and reviewed, We Rule the Night by Clarie Eliza Barlett. If you haven't read this, pick it up now. This book was so amazing! Full of strong women, nonstop action, and so many emotions that I can't even accurately describe to you how I felt. I tried in my review, if you want to read it. Be warned that it's pretty much just a rambling mess though.

Last week I also finished Lovestruck by Kate Watson. This was a super cute YA book, with ties to Greek mythology. My favorite part though, and I'll go over this in the review I eventually write, was that this book had tons of positive messages for its female readers. Mainly that a guy always wanting to be better than you isn't a turn on. Hahaha. This was a nice light read.

Do you ever stumble across a book that just takes you forever to get through? That doesn't happen to me often, but Will Haunt You by Brian Kirk is falling into that category. The thing is that this book isn't bad, by any means. It's a little over the top, and slightly gory, but otherwise a good story. I'm beginning to think that the sheer disturbing nature of it is what is making me take my time. It's a lot to process every time that I finish a chapter.

I'm also slowly reading my way through The Invited by Jennifer McMahon. This book started out really promising, but now the main character and I are having a war with one another. She's very, very over reactive, and I am not patient with people like that. We'll see how things go though. Maybe once the ghost aspect starts up, I'll fall in love with this!

Next up I'll be reading The Binding with one of my reader buddies! We were supposed to already start but,  like I always do, I fell behind. I'm a pretty good reading buddy once I finally get started. The problem is that I always take on way too many books at once and start late. Ah, the life of a bookworm.

That's it for me this week!
What are you reading?


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