Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday: Audio Books Narrators I Adore

Good morning lovely people! Can you believe that it's almost April? I feel like that shocked emoji would fit just perfectly here, because March absolutely flew by. It's been a pretty great year of reading so far though, so I can't complain at all. Now, let me stop rambling and let's get to today's Top Ten Tuesday!
Top Ten Audio Book Narrators

This was a hard one, and so these are in no particular order. It would be way too hard on my poor little reader brain to do that, and I love them all so much!

--- Kathleen Gati ---

Kathleen Gati is a narrator for most of the historical fictions novels that I've stumbled upon, and her voice definitely lends itself to that! She runs the gambit of emotions in all of the stories that I've listened to her narrate, and does it perfectly. I always feel like I'm right there alongside the characters.

--- Neil Gaiman ---

The fact that Neil Gaiman narrates his own books is magical. If you haven't listened to a book that is narrated by him, please do. His voice is lyrical. It's calming. It's the voice that you want to read you bedtime stories for the rest of your life. Does the fact that his books are also amazing make a difference? Totally. Everything about this man is magic.

--- MacLeod Andrews ---

Andrews' voice is one that, once you listen to a book narrated by him, you'll always be able to pick out. He has a very animated reading voice, which makes him amazing at stories that have big emotions, like Steelheart does. Plus I can't deny he does a great superhero voice. Hahaha.

--- Katherine Kellgren ---

I was devastated when Katherine Kellgren passed away. Her voice first came to my ears as I binged all of the Incorrigible Children books, and it became one of my favorites quickly. She had the kind of voice that makes you feel safe. Just like I feel about Gaiman, it's the kind of voice that you want to read you bedtime stories. I'll miss her.

--- Renee Raudman ---

Okay if I HAD to choose a favorite narrator, Renee Raudman would be on that very short list as a candidate. Her voice is epic. I first was introduced to her when I found the world of Kate Daniels, and quickly fell in love was I binge listened everything that Ilona Andrews had to offer. Her voice is so emotional to me, because it's the voice of Kate. The voice of a character that I followed for 10 books. From this point forward if Renee Raudman narrates it, I'm listening to it.

--- Kate Mulgrew ---
Notable Books: The Fireman, NOS4A2 

If Kate Mulgrew's name sounds familiar, you might be an OITNB fan! Her voice, to me, is the voice of Joe Hill. After listening to her read NOS4A2, I was hooked! Her voice is gruff, raw, and just perfect. She's still fairly new to narrating audio books, so her list is small, but I'm so ready for her to become a staple in the game!

--- Jim Dale ---
Notable Books: Harry Potter Series, The Night Circus

I probably don't have to introduce Jim Dale to many of you. He's a staple, and a saint, in the audio book world. His many, MANY voices bring so many wonderful stories to life, but if you've listened to any Harry Potter audio books you've probably experienced and loved his lovely narration. This man is my idol.

--- Wil Wheaton ---
Notable Books: Ready Player One, Redshirts, V Wars

Did you know that Wil Wheaton narrates books? NO? Well trust me, you need to experience them. His voice is perfect for all things Scalzi, and I've devoured many a book listening to (and giggling over) his over the top performances. If you're looking for a narrator with a lot of panache, Wheaton is your guy.

--- Angele Masters ---
Notable Books: A Curious Beginning, A Crown For Cold Silver, One In A Million

It's funny how I associate certain narrators with certain story types, but that's true of Angele Masters. For me, she's the voice of Fantasy. The voice of witty women, gruff men, and all the characters in between. Her male voices are actually really excellent! I love her, and always seek out books that are narrated by her.

--- Khristine Hvam ---
Notable Books: Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Skinwalker, Onyx & Ivory

Oh, Khristine Hvam. I fell in love with her voice while I was falling in love with Karou and Daughter of Smoke and Bone. That book, that story, with the beautiful addition of Hvam's voice, broke me. I've been listening to books with her amazing narration ever since! I mean, she's Jane Yellowrock, y'all. That's all you need to know.


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