Sunday, March 3, 2019

Sunday Funday

Greetings friends! I know Sunday is technically the beginning of the week, but for me it always feels like the end of the week. I mean, Monday is the start of the work week so shouldn't we just start the week there too? No? I guess that makes sense, but I digress. It's ANOTHER super cold day here in Minnesota and so we're staying indoors and trying to keep the toddlers entertained. Nothing like a -40° windchill to brighten up your day. I hope all of you are keeping warm, wherever you may be today. 

Since it's  Funday, I thought I'd share a few things the family and I have been up to. We've had record levels of snow this year so obviously we had to go play in it. It's so deep that the kids couldn't even walk through it. Batman (almost 2 yo) basically crawled across the top of it. 

Peanut has been busy with preschool and crafts. She loves to bake with me and of course they both still love to read. My future bookworms in the making. We keep busy around here. I personally can't wait till spring. 

So there's your peek into the life of Tina. Toddlers, games, cooking, cleaning, and occasionally reading. Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite snow day activity is. 


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