Thursday, March 14, 2019

Some weekly ramblings.

The first day of Spring approaches (only 6 more days!) and I'm so eager for warmer weather that I actually feel antsy this year. California got a ton of rainfall this winter, which was amazing for our drought ridden state. However that also means that it was a lot colder, for a lot longer, than last year.

Look people, I'm a So Cal girl now. I'm like a houseplant. I need three things, and one of them is SUNSHINE. Needless to say, I'm really eager for the temps to get back up into the 70s. Especially so I can start planting my Spring garden and get some beautiful flowers and food bearing plants back up and producing! My poor little tomatoes are doing pretty well in their inside greenhouse, but I'm ready to transplant them and get things moving.

In other news, we're planning our big trip to New York. My husband and I are so excited! This is the third new state the two of us have played tourist to over the last few years, and we're making a big thing out of it. Between Niagara Falls, my little brother's wedding, some roadtripping, and then good old Manhattan, we'll be running all over the state. I'm really ready to take lots of photos and just soak in somewhere new.

What are you excited for that is coming up, my bookish friends?


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