Monday, January 21, 2019

Small Business Spotlight - Bookish Jewelry

It's time for another small business spotlight post, and this time around we're celebrating all things shiny and wearable. Jewelry to be exact!

Heck, it's just stuff that I would totally want to buy and now I'm sharing it with you. Let's get started!

** note that all photos are the property of the store owners **

Realistic Miniature Book Earrings by Silver Fox Craft

I had to start with these because the INSTANT I saw them, I wanted them in my life. Not only do these perfect little earrings have the beautiful covers of our favorite books, but they even have tiny words printed inside! *SQUEAL* How adorable can you get? You can also ask for two different books, to show off your favorite reads. Yup, I need these. When my no-spend January is over, expect to see these in my ears.

The Book Was Better Bracelet by Nelson's Bazaar

Sick and tired of constantly having to stick up for your favorite stories when they inevitably become tv shows and movies? This bracelet is for you! Simply flash it at the person, turn on your heel, and saunter away. We know the book was better. Always.

Papercut Book Dome by MyPapercutForest

How cute is this? No, really. It's like a tiny bookish terrarium that you can wear around your neck. Okay, that's exactly what it is. AND IT IS ADORABLE. Papercrafts make me smile, because the work that is needed is so minute, but this marries two things I love perfectly. Love this. Love everything about it.

Sterling Silver Book Ring by rampandtaper

Finally, to round out all the bookish accessories you've just purchased while reading this post, here's a lovely sterling silver ring with an open book on top. I have major need for this. It's so elegant, and yet so deliciously nerdy. Who could ask for more?
There you have it ladies and gents! A list of the perfect items to help this season be extra spooky! Find anything else out there in Etsy land that you love? Shout it out in the comments!


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