Monday, September 24, 2018

Some Monday Ramblings

Lately I've been doing a whole lot of this:

and not so much of this:

I've been in this space where I just want to CONSUME ALL THE BOOKS, but reviews aren't coming as easily as they normally do. That might be because of what I've been reading lately. Halloween Bingo always brings out books that are outside of what I normally read and, while that's fantastic, I don't always know how to process them. I'm a Fantasy/YA/MG kinda gal. Give me a Southern Noir book, that has me bawling by the ending, and you have a babbling mess. I might just have to start writing reviews in gif format.

I've started my book journal back up though. It's mainly just a bunch of jotted down notes about what I'm reading, but it helps me put my thoughts together in a coherent enough fashion to write a review. I think my days of flying by the seat of my pants in that respect are over. I'm a planner. I've accepted it. I'll embrace it.

To my followers, do you just write like mad after you read? Or do you take notes and then use those? I'm curious!


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