Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Is it Fall yet?

Once upon a time, I was the most summery person who ever existed. I craved sunshine, beach days, and backyard parties.

Then, I graduated from college, moved away from the beach, and now I've become a Fall and Spring girl through and through. Bring on cool mornings, chilly evenings, and drizzle to walk around in. Bring on the first open flowers, overcast afternoons, and any excuse to sip a hot cup of tea while reading a book. IS IT FALL YET?


At least my reading this month will accurately reflect the seasons that I'm eagerly waiting for. Remember, September and October are Halloween Bingo, so expect to see a lot of horror, a lot of mystery and a whole lot of thrillers. I'm getting in the spirit, even if Southern California temperatures disagree with me.


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