Friday, June 8, 2018

Small Business Spotlight: Bookish Apparel

Happy Friday, my bookish friends!

I'm here today to give you some fabulous Friday feelings, with another Small Business Spotlight. In case this is the first one that you've seen, this is a post where I share with you all of the amazing bookish finds I've stumbled across on the web. You can find the rest of them right up there (*points to the nav bar*) under "Features".

This week's theme is APPAREL, because what's better than wearing your love for reading on your sleeve?

** note that all photos are the property of the store owners **


Jane Austen Inspired Tee - New Vintage Embroidery ($26)

Love Pemberley, and want to shout it from the rooftops? This elegant "gardening club" tee caught my eye for just that reason. I wish this was a real thing. I'd join in a heartbeat.

Library Circle Skirt - RoobyLane ($58.33+)

If shirts aren't your thing, but you still want to rock your bookish obsessions, how about a skirt? Plus side is that this skirt is full, and screaming for a petticoat! What a great way to celebrate a bookish brunch!

Sirius Black Hand Painted Shoes - HeartandSolesShop ($45)

Can we all just take a minute to stop and stare in awe? This is hand painted, friends. 100% original, on a pair of shoes. I am in LOVE! Check out all the shoes in this shop, and you can even request your custom pair!


That's it for today! Did I cause you spend any money? Rest assured, I'm not sorry ;). Until next time...


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