Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Slowly, so slowly.

It's been a month, y'all.

I'm coming up on my birthday weekend, which has made me realize that June is almost over and WOW it's flown by. Work has been so insanely busy, sickness overtook me, books have been slowly (very slowly) read, and I haven't had the motivation to write a review. All of my intentions to stockpile reviews posts have been thwarted, and so this blog sits empty more than it should. *sigh*

The good news this year is that I haven't fallen into a horrible reading slump like I normally do around this time. I've still been enjoying what I'm reading, taking it slow, and just trying to enjoy it. I think picking up gardening, and embroidery, has been good for me too. It's been all about balance this year and, true to form, that means some things will suffer for others to even out.

I love this blog. I'll keep writing in it, and keep reading. I'm just not going to apologize for when it slows down. That's life, guys. There are only two of us, and we're both busy people. We still books, we still love all of you, and we're here. When we can be.


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