Monday, October 2, 2017

October 2017 Reading List

Hi bookish people! It's October, and boy am I ready for this month to kick off in a really big way. Not only is it the month of Halloween parties, Fall goodies and cooler weather, it's also the month that I'll be going on vacation. Trust me, I need this. I'm burnt out to the max.

Which is why it's been a little quieter around here lately, and I haven't been reading quite as fervently as I normally do. I've been doing more tv watching and music listening. Vegging out, if you will.

My October reading list is therefore a little smaller than normal. I'm going for a bingo on the Halloween bingo game I'm playing, and then just reading whatever else I feel like. Here are the books I'll be finishing/starting.

I'm 60% of the way into this currently and, as good as it is, it's really long so I keep missing the deadline to finish it before it goes back to the library. On the bright side, it prompted me to buy a copy! So when it arrives, I'll be reading up a storm.

Another book that I missed reading before it was returned, but I've been able to borrow it again and I'm looking forward to finishing. Even just the first few pages really drew me in. I can feel an excellent ghost story brewing.

Last one for the month, and last one for me to get a bingo! I'm actually excited about this haunted house book, and managed to get it on audio. Here's hoping that it's excellent.

I'll kind of pick and choose what else I read, but here are the staples!

What are you reading this month?


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