Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Breaking the Radio Silence

When I logged in to my laptop tonight, for the first time in over a week I might add, I quickly realized that the last time that I posted in here was last week. Oh, dear. Sorry bookish friends! It's been a whirlwind start to the month and work has been forefront on my mind. The good news it that I've been reading like mad. The bad news is that I haven't had the time to sit down at all and write out reviews. For those of you who don't know, I stockpile them in drafts to post when it's time for them to go live. Right now my drafts are empty.

So bear with me for a bit longer! Tina has a review schedule for Wednesday, and then I have two reviews going up on Friday and Saturday! So this week will actually have more content for you. My goal this weekend is to get some backlogged books reviewed, and then they'll be more posts next week. I so love blogging, but sometimes balancing it with the rest of everyday life gets a little challenging.

We're here though! So let me get caught up this weekend, and things will be back on track. As always, thanks for sticking with us. We appreciate you!


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