Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Small Business Spotlight - Members of the AABOCB!

It's time for another edition of Small Business Spotlight here on HDB, and this time I'm very proud to present my AABOCB (we're the Anti-Anxiety Book Obsessed Coffee Brigade) ladies!

My hope is that, like I did, you'll fall in love with the amazing items that they create. I'm hoping some of them will also be by again later in the year, with their own individual spotlights, but for now let me give you a peek at what they're up to!


First up is Erin from The Bookshelf Quest shop!

Her claim to fame is her origami jewelry, which is one of the first things I fell in love with when I first visited her shop. Just look at this necklace!

Each one is made to order, which means your item is made with extra love and care.

You'll also find bookmarks and earrings in this shop. Keep an eye out too, because Erin's new project is custom book sleeves. I was lucky enough to be one of her first customers to test out this new endeavor, and just look what came of it! My books have their own purse which, rest assured, is travelling with me on my public transit commute EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Find Erin on Instagram and Etsy.


Next up is Amanda, and her bookish beauty shop called Typewriter Hearts!

She creates the most gorgeously packaged, and equally gorgeously scented, beauty products. Need some soap, sugar scrub or lip balm? Typewriter Hearts has you covered. In fact, they just announced a monthly subscription box with the chance to get exclusive new scents!

This shop is currently closed, while a large order for a sub box is filled, but will open again at the end of April!

Find Amanda on Instagram and Etsy.


Lastly, but definitely not to be missed, is Delaney and All Of The Book Things.

Have you ever wanted to wash yourself with Rhysand? Well, guess what? NOW YOU CAN!

Delaney's shop also contains incredible bath bombs and pillow cases! It's pretty much a one stop shop for all of your A Court of Thorns and Roses obsession. So please, do yourself a favor and go treat yo' self!

Find Delaney on Instagram and Etsy.


So there you have it! The talented ladies from the AABOCB! All creating wonderful items just for us bookish nerds. Make sure to give them a visit, and maybe make a purchase or two!

Also, in case you missed it earlier, I featured Bookmarks For Kindness as our first spotlight. Sam is also part of our little group, and her charity bookmark program is stellar! Go read her write up!


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