Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Comic Book Haul (2/22/17)

Who loves comic book hauls?


Depending on your level of obsession with comics, you may or may not know that Wednesday is also known as #NCBD or NEW COMIC BOOK DAY! Huzzah!

It's the day when most comics release their new issues, and when people like me attack their local comic book stores and Comixology with grabby little hands.

*mimics pushing people out the way to snag things*

Yeah, it's like that.

I thought I'd start a new feature whenever I have a new comic haul. Which, to be honest, is not every week anymore. Only because I fell behind and have a huge backlog to read. I treated myself this week though, and had a cart saved before this morning. So here is what I purchased!


First up, I didn't realized I'd missed issue #6 of The Backstagers, so of course I had to snag both that and #7. This story arc is at an end, and the first TP comes out soon if you're more the type who likes waiting for those. I can't recommend this series enough! It's funny, sweet, slightly spooky, and full of friendship. The art is also fabulous, and always on point. This is a must read!

Next, I snagged The Belfry by Gabriel Hardman. Look, I'm not going to lie. I autobuy anything by him, or Corrina Beckho. Still, this comic in particular I'm pretty darn excited for! It's a one shot that deals with survival in the most tropical, and dangerous of places. If that wasn't enough, the cover is absolutely eerie. So yes, this went into my cart.

Lastly, I picked up The Legend of Beard Fist because well... look at the cover! Plus I've seen this around on Tumblr, and the few panels I've seen cracked me up. This looks like a lot of fun and, I'm sure you're seeing a trend here, the art is great! SOLD SOLD SOLD.


So that's my haul for today! I'll be sure to throw up some reviews of these, either here or on my Goodreads. Follow along if you're interested! Until next time, happy comic book reading!


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