Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happy December!

Is anyone else reeling over the fact that this is the last month of 2016?

No, just me?

It happens every year. December hits, and suddenly I'm remembering all the things I meant to do, but too caught up in the holiday season to really care whether or not I've accomplished them yet. Blogging slows down too, as you've probably noticed. It's a mad rush to finish projects at work, spend time with visiting friends and family, and catch up on all those last minute books you meant to read before the whole new Spring 2017 catalog hits.

Anyway I wanted to say a big HAPPY DECEMBER to all of you! Thanks for sticking with us through this whole year, and we can't wait to bring you more bookish goodness in 2017! I'm trying out a new organization/planner system for the new year, so we'll see how that affects this blog. I'm hoping it will keep us more on track but... you know how it goes. Best laid plans.

Enjoy your last month of 2016, and do some amazing reading! 
2017 will be upon us before you know it.


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