Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thankful Thursday

In the madness that has been the last two weeks, I put everything to the wayside in favor of work. Which is dangerous, because if there one thing that I've learned it's that I need a certain amount of self care. Ignoring that leads to anxiety, and depression. Those are roads I like to avoid if at all possible.

I'm writing this post as a way to stop for a minute, and really think about these last two weeks. What I've been trying to do, mostly in my paper journal, is take some time once a week and write down some things that I was proud of, or thankful for, or excited about. It's really easy to focus on all the stress and the negativity. It takes practice to steer that energy towards the happiness and the positive.

So here's a quick list of 5 things that I'm thankful for right this moment.

* My husband who understands my moods, and supports me when I'm down. Plus, provides ice cream and snuggles for those most anxiety riddled of days.

* My puppy who, as much of a trouble maker as she might be at times, makes me laugh and provides someone to cuddle with when my husband is busy.

* My hammock, and the quiet zen/reading space that it provides.

* Awesome friends. Who check up on me when I try to hide away from everything, and cheer me up when I need it most. Friends who are just as happy to share a meal, as they are to share quiet and relaxing discussion time.

* Bookstagram. That might sound silly, but ever since I discovered this as a hobby, it has really boosted my creativity level. It gives me something to look forward to, and another group of people to interact with.

What are you thankful for right now? 

Perhaps a new book that you've been waiting for anxiously? I know that definitely makes my list when it happens :).

This is your reminder, if you haven't done it already this week, to take a step back and just zen. Self care is vastly important, and really easy to push aside.


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