Monday, September 12, 2016

Some Monday Musings, On Bookshelf Organization

I've been sitting in bed, for about the last hour, trying to figure out exactly what I want to say on this subject. It's that age old dilemma that all bookworms face at one point or another. How do we organize our books? Do we do it for aesthetics, or for ease of locating desired reads?

One of my favorite things ever in the bookstagram community is rainbow bookshelves. I pine for those white bookshelves, filled with rainbow organized books. They're just so pretty! Every time I've tried to do that with mine though, I end up balking at the last minute. I don't like when I can't find what I want, quickly. I'm also really bad at remembering what color books are most times, especially if I haven't read them for a while. So that was out.

Then there are those gorgeous shelves that people organize with outward facing books. What a great way to show off all of those stunning covers. I've tried that too, and always reverted back to putting everything in sideways. I'm a sucker for the whole "I need more space for books!" mentality. Which, in reality, is kind of true. I'm a book hoarder, and proud of it. Books are always a good idea.

So, I've always just stuck with the tried and true method of alphabetical sorting, and spines facing out. Hahaha.

How do you organize your bookshelves? I'd love if you share some photos!


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