Saturday, March 26, 2016

An obsession with Daredevil

So, for anyone who didn't know (and seriously... have you been living under a rock?) the 2nd season of Daredevil is on Netflix! If you've watched the 1st season, you know all the reasons why this is so exciting. If you haven't, well you definitely have some catching up to do.

There's a lot to love about Matt Murdock. Ever since I fell in love with his television version, I've gone out to do some research (read as: devouring comics) on his comic version. Let me tell you, no matter who draws or writes Matt, there's so much about him that's amazing. His relationships are my favorite though. Here's a spotlight on two I've fallen in love with.

Matt and Foggy

If there were ever two people who had a friendship to aspire to, it's Matt and Foggy. Oh sure, they have their ups and downs. But what's sweet is how often Matt realizes how lucky he is to have Foggy as a friend. It's a recurring theme in the comics. Foggy saves Matt's behind. Matt realizes how good of a friend he has, and how often he forgets to thank him. *sniff* These two have the ultimate bromance, and I love it.

Echo and Daredevil

So one of the coolest parts of the comics is that there are so many characters that people only watching the show haven't met yet. One of my favorites is Echo, or Maya as she's known by everyone who hasn't seen her super alterego. I've never liked Elektra, but Echo is AWESOME. She's the exact opposite of Matt. He's blind, she's deaf. Coincidentally, she can exactly copy anything that she sees. Which makes her one bad-ass nemesis for Matt. If only Matt didn't find her so enchanting. Ah, love.

If you've only seen the show, I encourage you to give the comics a chance! My favorite runs so far have been the "Parts of a Hole" mini-series, and the Bendis run that I'm reading now. But trust me, it's all good. Daredevil is just the best.


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