Thursday, November 12, 2015


In truth, my coffee is hardly ever this fancy. Unless I feel like dropping the money on the posh coffee place that's downstairs at my work. I sure do love this picture though. It whispers "WARMTH" to me, and at this time of year that's what I love.

Thanks for sticking with me, my awesome blog readers, through this weird transition month. If you noticed, I've posted a lot more. It feels good. I'll admit it. The connection that I used to have with this bookish space is slowly coming back, and I'm thrilled! Last year was a rough one. This one was much better. Now that it's nearing the end, I think I'm full of optimism and enthusiasm that next year will be even better! It's hard not to be. I love the holidays.

Anyway, you've probably noticed that Tina and I have been writing up personal posts a bit more often. I think that's what has me feeling so good. I was always afraid of mixing my bookish space, and my personal one. You know what though? I realized that I love when other people do it. Getting that snippet of insight into their lives, getting to know what they like, it makes me appreciate their reviews that much more.

So if I ramble at you about coffee, and holidays, it's because that's what felt like coming out of my brain and into my fingertips today. 


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