Sunday, November 1, 2015

Kicking things off.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

So, this post is a little late. Better late, than never, right? 

I almost missed the first day of November, and my pledge to post once a day this month. It's been an insanely busy, but also extremely fun weekend. This time before I head to bed is the first downtime I've had. I'm not upset :). It was all well worth it! I just didn't want to miss post #1.

I thought I'd share really quickly what I hope to get out of all this, since Saturdays and Sundays are set aside for "free writing". The truth is, most of my posts in November will still be about books! I'm just peppering in some fun prompts from this event, in order to push myself to think more outside the box. In an effort to not fall off of the blogging train, I've gotten bogged down by reviews and pre-written posts. I miss just typing my heart out, about whatever bookish thoughts strike me.

So the biggest thing I hope to get out of this event is a push to be more creative. I have faith that it'll work. You can all keep me honest!


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