Monday, October 19, 2015

Rain, rain. Stay?

It seems I've been musing a lot about weather lately.

The sad fact is that in my part of Southern California, we don't really have a whole lot of "weather". Sometimes it rains, a bit. Sometimes it's windy, a bit. Most of the time it's still and warm. I joke about it a lot on Twitter, but we in this area get very excited when there's actual weather to be had!

It's currently raining, and I've opened up every window and door we have. The adorable part is that every other person who is currently home in our apartment building has done the same thing. We all crave that pleasant sound. The way that rain makes everything smell so good. The way that it cools any breeze that comes through the windows. I love this weather.

I guess overall what makes me so happy about it is that this is about as close as we ever really get to Fall! It's still not quite cool enough, but this has definitely taken the 85 to 90 degree temps we had last week and cooled them down to the low 70's. I'll take it!

That's it. Just rambling about the weather. Thanks for sticking with me!

Until the next time it rains.


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