Monday, September 7, 2015

Random Musings: The Post About Tea

The post about tea.

If only my tea looked that elegant. Usually it's placed in my favorite mug that my husband painted for me at Color Me Mine. It's also usually accompanied by a muffin or a breakfast sandwich! Tea is my favorite breakfast drink.

Which brings me to the joyful experience that has been learning about tea! I used to be a coffee addict. Working at a job that required a 3 hour round-trip commute made it so that I felt like I was a zombie without my coffee. It got to the point where I'd get headaches without my caffeine. I didn't like that one bit, so I set off to do something nice for my body. I slowly weaned myself off of those coffee beans and now I'm all about tea.

I'm amazed by all the flavors out there, and loose leaf has become my new favorite. It smells great, it brews great, and it's heavenly. I could never drink coffee black, but tea? Tea I can drink with nothing else in it. So good!

That beautiful picture up top is the Pomegranate Escape tea from Tarm's Tea. It's my current obsession, along with my go-to favorite of Twinnings Earl Grey Tea. Hot tea, cold tea, doesn't matter. It's all amazing. I'm hooked.

Do you have any favorite blends out there that you'd like to share?


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