Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It must be a May thing.

So as I was doing my usual evening run-through of internet happenings, I realized that this poor blog hasn't been touched since last Thursday. Our apologies, dear readers. It must be a May thing.

See, last May I had to give up blogging for the entire month. Things were too hectic, life was too scattered, and adding one more thing to my plate felt like a chore. While things definitely aren't that bad this year, I will say that for some reason this seems to be a pretty crazy month!

My lovely co-blogger is currently quite pregnant, and very busy with work. I'm doing my best to fit reading in wherever I can (especially since this week is Bout of Books!) and review when I remember. Alas, this blog has taken a bit of a hit this month.

Fear not! We're still here! You can find us all over the internet, and if you happen to be a BookLikes member you'll see me posting over there constantly. Things may be a little slow on this blog for this month, but they'll pick back up. They always do.

Much love, and happy reading!


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