Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Quarterly Goals Update

Hello lovely bookish people!

I'll bet you thought that I had vanished, hm? I know I haven't had time to sit down and actually write a post in here that wasn't a review or a spotlight. Once upon a time I wrote random posts constantly. Lately though, blogging has had to take a back seat. I still read like mad, and review whenever possible, but the days of extra time to ramble on have passed. Still, I'll pop in here when I can!

I thought I'd do a post about some updates to my reading goals this year. Since, you know, it's already almost the end of April. Yeah, I'm panicking too. I'll try to do another one of these on time in June :).

Let's see where I'm at.

* Clear my NetGalley list by July

Okay, well, on the bright side I haven't ADDED any books to this list! I've been keeping myself from requesting anything new since I promised myself I'd clear NetGalley out. Sadly, I'm still behind. I don't think I'm going to make it by July. I think to revise this goal we'll say: Clear NetGalley list by the end of 2015.

* Read more outside the box

So far, so good on this goal! I've been periodically picking books that look interesting from other readers' reviews, and from the NPR list I found regarding "Books That Should Be Classics". I have yet to tackle any non-fiction yet though, which was one of the things I promised myself I would do.

* Read my OWN BOOKS

So far I've cleared about two books a month from what I lovingly refer to as my "forever languishing" shelf. These are books I've bought, and haven't gotten to yet. Some, to be honest, have been sitting for years. I'm at about 7 of them read this year. Not too shabby!

* Do more buddy reads!

Running a book club has really fostered this. There's nothing better than a good conversation over a book. I'm still going to try to sneak in more random buddy reads though.

* Take my time

This is still a struggle. I've been a little better about slowing down, and savoring a book. Still, there are times when I get antsy and speed read. I'm getting better at DNFing books now though, so I shouldn't have to worry about rushing through books I'm not enjoying. 

Well now, that doesn't look too bad! I think the two things I'll be looking closely at the next two months are reading more "outside the box" books, and clearing that dang list. Darn you clicking finger. *sigh*


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