Saturday, February 21, 2015

The resurrection of "And... Discuss!" - let's talk spoilers in reviews!

Hi everyone!

So as you've probably noticed, it's been rather quiet this month. To fill some of that silence with good old fashioned debate, I thought I'd resurrect one of the posts that I used to do a lot when I first started this blog! In fact, I'm going to revisit all the topics that have already been done, since there's a much larger and more diverse set of you now.

Sound good? Do you have your discussion caps on? Okay, let's do this.


Today's topic is:

From a reader's standpoint, how do you feel about spoilers in reviews? How about from a reviewing standpoint? Do you run as far away from them as possible, or are they sometimes inevitable?


Here's where I tell you my thoughts!

Let's be honest, I'm anti-spoiler. If you don't hide your spoilers behind a page break, or at least warn me to skip a paragraph that might potentially give away something huge, you'll have me seeing red for a while. This is actually one of the main reasons I didn't read reviews of books I planned on reading for a long time. Nothing made me more upset than finding out that a main character died in a spectacular manner, or that our lovely heroine chose Boy A over Boy B.

However, there are exceptions! Here's where that little wiggle room comes in. 

If it's a book that I don't plan on reading, or won't get to for a long time (because let's be serious, TBR MOUNTAIN is large), I tend to be a little more forgiving. Also, if it's a review for a second/third/fifteenth book in a series, I don't blame a reviewer. It's really tough sometimes to review a book further into a series without giving something away, even if you only hint at it accidentally. Sure, I could skip that review altogether. Sometimes though, those reviews are what make me eager to start a new series in the first place.

You'll see in my reviews a lot that I mention they'll be vague or  that I'll say "I won't spoil it for you..." because that's my defense mechanism against writing something I really want to share. I try. I really do.

Now it's your turn to share!

Do you hide under a rock to avoid spoilers, or do you just smile and move on?


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