Friday, January 30, 2015

Feel Good Friday

Picture of the day:

Tea is my best friend this week. Lemon tea, orange tea, green tea... all of the teas!

You see, it is the season of germs and silly me thought I could avoid catching the hubby's cold. No such luck :( 

It's times like these that I would love to stay in bed with my cup of tea and read all day. Sadly adult responsibilities make that a near impossibility. Between work obligations and trying to keep the house at a tolerable level of clean, I'm in bed by 9 pm every night out of pure exhaustion. I'm so thankful for my delicious tea because without it I would have no voice at all!

What are you go-to drinks/food when you're under the weather? Do you take meds or try to sleep it off? 

I hope all of you are staying warm and healthy during this germ filled season. Being sick is no bueno! Regardless, at least it's Friday!

Friday makes everything better! Happy reading bookworms!


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