Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Musings

Picture of the day:

Because whether this is a kitten, or a puppy, or some kind of adorable new puff ball pet? It's absolutely adorable! How can you have a bad Monday when something that adorable is staring at you?


I've slowly been settling back in to blogging more regularly over here. I'm still only making it a 3-4 day a week thing, but it's feeling more natural. I think I'm getting back into the groove of wanting to write new content. To all of you still out there? You have no idea how much I always appreciate you sticking with me. Blogging can be a ton of fun, but it can also feel stressful at times. I'd rather keep it to the fun side :).

I finally saw The Maze Runner this last week! I'm thrilled at the trend of YA books becoming movies, but more thrilled that they're finally learning how to turn them into something that does the book justice. I actually really enjoyed the movie. Even my husband, who hasn't read the book and isn't a big reader overall, was immersed in the story. It had that perfect balance of action and back story. Kudos Hollywood! Let's keep it going.

I'm not quite feeling 100% today, which is why I'm rambling, but I promise that more reviews are coming! Tomorrow will be my monthly wrap up post, so keep an eye out in case you're looking for new reads.

Happy Monday!


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