Wednesday, August 27, 2014

And...Discuss! Adding to Mount TBR.

Whoa, I just looked back into my records and realized that I haven't done one of these posts since December of last year! It's been a tough year for the blog. I went from working at a job where I had tons of free time, to one where I'm busy pretty much constantly. It's also been a year of flux and, well, unfortunately my blog has to take a back seat when real life gets crazy :). That's life.


On to the discussion!

This time the topic is...

All around the internet, from Twitter to BookLikes, I've seen people discussing their TBR piles :). It's always a discussion this time of year. When we're getting down to the last few months, and your reading challenges are just that much shy of being on track. So let's chat!

How do you manage your TBR? Do you add books as you find ones you want to read? Do you have specific shelving organization to keep track of them? Or are you one of the lucky few who has no TBR?


I happen to be one of those people who just adds books to my TBR without a care in the world. I know I should keep track of them somehow, maybe shelve them by topic or something, but I'm always afraid that I'll forget about the book before I remember to add it. The silly part about that? Once it's on my massive TBR it's lost anyway! Until I go searching for it later on. Ha! My goal for 2015 is to put a little more organization the crazy mess that is my to-read pile. If for no other reason then to find some hidden gems I might have missed. I've been so focused on ARCs this year, I think I missed out on some great books in the process. 


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