Monday, June 30, 2014

Book Review: Chase Tinker and the House of Secrets by Malia Ann Haberman

Media Type: Ebook
Title: Chase Tinker and the House of Secrets
   *Series: Chase Tinker #2
Author: Malia Ann Haberman
Publisher: Crossroad Press
Pages: Kindle; 224
Release Date: January 2, 2014
Source: Author
Content Screening: Mild Violence

HDB Rating: 4 Keys to My Heart

Recommended to: Readers who love magic and mystery. Or those who want to continue on with this series.

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In Chase Tinker's world, magic, lies and secrets can be a lethal combination...

After spending the summer at his grandfather's gigantic, incredibly magical house, thirteen-year-old Chase Tinker thought things couldn't get any more bizarre, or that the secrets and lies couldn't get any worse, but he was wrong.

As summer turns into Autumn, join Chase and his family for even more magical craziness in this exciting sequel to "Chase Tinker and the House of Magic." Craziness that will include: the sneezing of strange powers, the reappearance of the evil Marlowe family, another frightening kidnapping, the discovery of a mysterious, magical Japanese-American girl, a dangerous rescue mission, and a secret so mind-boggling, it will lead to a shocking climatic finish that will turn Chase's world completely upside down and leave him feeling like one of the worst people on the planet.
Chase Tinker and the House of Secrets takes the reader back into the Tinker's world. A world filled with mystery and magic. A world where nothing is quite what it seems. I was so excited to head back to the Tinker home! With its rooms full of amazing powers, how could I resist making a return visit? I was looking forward to seeing what kind of mischief Chase and his cohorts would get up to this time.

Lucky for me, things took off at a brisk pace right from the beginning. Still recovering from the lies his father told him, and the attack they successfully thwarted, poor Chase is an understandable mess. He's trying to build his life back up around him, and patch up the holes in the trust he has for others. I felt for him. Imagine being lied to by the one person who you thought you knew the best and, moreover, loved as well. It would be tough. Little did I know that Chase would be soon be facing much bigger problems.

Yes, things take a dark turn in Chase Tinker and the House of Secrets. Where the first book had a bit of tension, but was mostly lighthearted, this story delves much deeper into the secrets and lies. There are betrayals among family members, deeply seated animosity that bubbles to the surface, and a fair share of twists that kept me reading on. What I liked about this particular installment, was that it showed the power of family. Despite it all, it was his newfond family that kept Chase moving on.

Daring rescue missions, epic (and slightly violent) battles, and cunning plans all make a debut in this installment of Chase Tinker's story. He also comes into his own much more, and I was wholly impressed by how much he's grown up in the span of this particular book. I was both thrilled, and saddened, at the ending. Will I be back for more? Most definitely. I can't wait to see where this story takes me next.

FTC Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion.


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