Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday's Random Thoughts

I was sitting here, moving reviews over to Goodreads and getting posts set up for the coming weeks and I realized something: I haven't actually posted anything personal on here in a long time.

Back when I first started my blog, I used to mix it up! I'd have reviews, muse about books that were coming up, gush about my favorite authors, and occasionally throw in a movie review or two. Lately I've been so busy that I've only been posting what's scheduled on my calendar :). I know this is a book blog, but I always like to get to know the blogger who's behind it! So let me dish a little about what's been going on over here in Jessica land.

First of all, I was in a reading slump for a bit. If you say my March reading list you're probably baffled because yes, I did read a lot. Most of those books were tour books I had to read though. I way overstretched myself and after a while reading just wasn't fun. I was devastated. So I took a small hiatus, watched the rest of Veronica Mars (AMAZING SHOW) and spent time away from books. Now I'm feeling a little better, and starting to pick up things I want to read again. In fact, I finished Fragile Spirits by Mary Lindsey today, which I've been meaning to read for ages! I think it sparked something again, because now I'm ready to read.

In other news, I got a promotion at work! It's amazing, and challenging, and so time consuming that a lot of times I come home exhausted. So if you don't see me around as much as you used to that's partially why. The other half of it is that I'm pretty much always on BookLikes now. I've fallen in love with that site. It makes it easy/fun to write reviews, I have awesome people to talk to over there, and it's just a fun community. If you come on over let me know! I want to follow you :).

That's it for this Friday. I think I'll post on random Fridays just to keep this fresh. OH and my also keep an eye out! My blog turns FOUR YEARS OLD next week (*wipes a tear*) and I'll be doing some fun posts and giveaways :). Happy Friday!


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