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Book Recommendations from author Perrin Pring!


Good morning awesome bookworms, and welcome to another guest post! I love having authors on my blog. I especially love when they're willing to share a little bit about themselves with both myself, and all of you.

Today's spotlight is on Perrin Pring, author of Appointment At The Edge of Forever.

Filion felt safe in his role as a Dream Searcher. He was paid to venture into other's dreams and exert influence over individuals whom he would never meet in the flesh. But that was until he received The Summoning. Filion has been called to track down and protect Ryo, the last of the Chozen. She is the only hope of preventing a tide of evil driven by the Afortiori and the prospect of universal slavery if they aren't stopped. Time is ticking and Filion has no idea of how to find Ryo let alone how to protect her, yet destinies of planets rest in her hands. Enlisting the help of a rag-tag band of mercenaries, Filion will set out to search the wastes for Ryo. Together they will confront an evil whose power they just might have fatally underestimated.

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Hi Jessica,

Thanks for having me on the blog! I thought I’d talk about some of my recently read favorite books. While I write science fiction, I’ve noticed that reading a wide range of genres has helped me become a stronger writer. I hope you find some of the below recommendations as good as I did.

Short Stories: The Complete Stories by Flannery O’Connor 

This is a compilation of all of O’Connor’s stories. I recommend reading the stories in order (they are organized chronologically) and as a whole. O’Connor’s focus is on the American South between the 1940’s -1960’s.

Literary Fiction: City of Thieves by David Benioff 

A fictionalized account of Benioff’s grandfather’s experiences during the Siege of Leningrad of World War II. Both comical and tragic, this work is beautiful.

Memoir: Don’t Let’s Go To The Dogs Tonight by Alexandria Fuller 

Fuller’s disjointed memoir of her childhood as a child of white British farmers in Rhodesia during its civil war. If you want a look into another world, read this book (Warning: Children and animals die. This heavy but moving.)

Scientific Non-Fiction: The Beak of the Finch by Jonathan Weiner 

An easily digestible read on the longest running finch study in the Galapagos, The Beak of the Finch, will change your perspective on life and death as you understand it. Simply the best scientific non-fiction work I’ve ever read, and no, you don’t need a degree in any sort of science to understand it.

Adventure Non-Fiction: The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger 

The Perfect Storm reads like a Hollywood blockbuster, but it is non-fiction. Junger does a great job at bringing his readers inside of a mega storm and recounting the stories of those who died during the Halloween Gail. I now compare all adventure non-fiction to Junger’s Perfect Storm.

Young Adult: The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins 

No doubt the most well known of books on this list, the Hunger Games not only chronicle a heroine worth rooting for, but are a powerful and simple look at the toll war takes on society and individuals alike.

Science Fiction: Wool by Hugh Howey 

I read Wool when it was self-published, and it was mind blowing for two reasons. First, the story is captivating, creative and unique. Second, it shows that just because something is good, doesn’t mean the powers that be embrace it (although it is now traditionally published). Look out for the underdogs, they’re the best kinds of stories.

Mystery/Thriller: Faithful Place by Tana French 

Set in the inner city in Dublin, French transports you to the suffocating world that is Frank Mackey’s family. Revolving around the unsolved disappearance of Mackey’s teenage sweetheart, Mackey is forced to go back to a world he had thought he’d left behind. Written partially in dialect (but easy enough to understand), French transports you to Ireland, whether or not you’re ready to go.

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