Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Dreaded DNF: And...Discuss!

And...Discuss is a way for me to share a topic I've been thinking about, ramble about it for a bit, and then open the floor to your opinions. An open forum for bookaholics! What I love most about these posts is seeing your comments, so share away :).

This time the topic is...

I've mildly touched on this subject here before, but it's been a few years and my opinions have changed!

It used to be that I couldn't bring myself to mark a book as DNF. I'd struggle through, even when I wasn't enjoying myself. Why? I can't really say! I think it was mostly that I felt like I'd already committed myself to finishing once I started a book.

Now? I'll drop a book after 20 pages if I'm not feeling it. Sometimes I set them aside for later. We all know that genre overload exists, so sometimes it's not the book's fault. However a lot of times I'm just over it. Why spend my time on something that I don't love if I can just move on to something that I do?

Now it's your turn!

Shout it out! What do you think about marking a book as DNF? Do you keep reading even when you're not feeling it?


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