Monday, December 30, 2013

Most Anticipated Books of 2014

Plugging along here on the end of the year wrap up! Today it's all about the books that I am most looking forward to in 2014. Let me tell you, this was a hard list to create. There are SO many books coming out that I want to read! Still, I promised myself I'd only pick five so here they are.


Burn (Pure #3) by Julianna Baggott 
(February 4, 2014)

It's funny that Fuse was on my list of most anticipated books last year, but it's true that I totally love this series! There's something about the dark and gritty world that Baggott builds that, quite honestly, just won't let me go. 

I can't wait to dive into this next book and see what happens to my favorite characters!

The Sowing (The Torch Keeper #2) by Steven Dos Santos 
(March 8, 2014)

Another series book that I've been eagerly awaiting! I read The Culling last year and fell in love. It's similar to other books out there, but just different enough to keep me coming back for more. Best of all? The characters. They are vivid, believable, and it just makes for one amazing read! I can't wait for more!

Don't You Forget About Me by Kate Karyus Quinn
(June 10, 2014)

I'm going to profess my love here and now for Another Little Piece. It's no surprise that as soon as I saw that Kate Karyus Quinn was writing another book, I was sold!

A place where paradise comes with a price? I'm in. Take me on a journey.

Magic Breaks (Kate Daniels #7) by Ilona Andrews
(July 29, 2014)Yup, another series book. One of my favorite series in fact! I'm an unabashed fan girl when it comes to Kate Daniels, and actually Ilona Andrews in general! As soon as I saw that this book had a cover I was ecstatic! YES PLEASE!

This release date can't come fast enough!

The Unbound (The Archived #2) by Victoria Schwab
(January 28, 2014)Tis' the year of series books! There are so many that I'm waiting for, but The Unbound is one that I can't help but covet. Victoria Schwab's writing always blows me away, but The Archived stole my heart as soon as I read it. I've been waiting to see what happens for... a year? I think.

Point being, this is a book I can't wait to read!

Once again, there you have it! It was so tough to only pick five! There are many many more books coming out that still don't have covers, and even more that don't have enough information for me to share yet. So much goodness in 2014!

What are you excited for? Any highly anticipated books?


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