Monday, December 16, 2013

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? (12/16/13)
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It's almost Christmas! Yes, yes, I know I'm an adult. Still, this time of year never fails to make me all giddy inside. It isn't even the presents. It's the feeling, the food, and the family! I can't wait!

I made it through three books again this last week. All pleasure reads, no review books. I'm trying to take a break so that I'll go in with a clear mind in 2014! I loved The Grimm Legacy and can't wait to finish the series. I'd already read Pure, but decided to give the audio book a shot. It was pretty good! As for Uninvited well... review to come. It was just okay.
Right now I'm listening to Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson. Holy COW, this is a good book! I think the audio book makes it even better, but no matter what it's awesome. I'm also reading These Broken Stars finally! I've had it for ages, and am only just now getting around to it. So far, so good!

Next up I'm tackling Fates by Lanie Bross and the next book in Julianna Baggott's series, Fuse. Both of these I'm pretty darn excited for! I have to say that Fates definitely has my heart in terms of covers. Let's see what's inside.

That's it for me! What are YOU reading this week? Don't forget to leave a link so I can go and visit you too!


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