Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Fiction Bundle: Book Bundles With a Purpose!

Happy Holidays my friends!

Are you looking for your next read? Maybe looking for a good way to fill up that new Kindle that found its way under your Christmas tree? If you're like me, the time after the holidays brings plenty of time for reading, but also a fairly empty wallet. That's why I've turned to bundles. Ever since I first stumbled upon sites like StoryBundle and Humble Bundle, I realized that it's an amazing way to find new content, support great creators, and even help out charity at the same time! Being able to help someone else with the money that you were already going to spend? Yes, please.

I'm here today to share a new bundle website I was pointed to, and one that quickly stole my heart. Fiction Bundle has a very cool beginning bundle up right now, especially if you're a Science Fiction and Fantasy fan! Seriously, these are some quality books from well-known authors like Frank Herbert (author of Dune) and David Farland (who has written so many amazing Fantasy books.. it's insane). All books that I was more than happy to place onto my reading list!

Are you ready for the kicker though? This is a pay-what-you-want website. $6 will get you the basic bundle. The first six of these beautiful DRM-free books will be yours for the taking. Pay just a little more, and with $10 you unlock the extra book. This time it's The Complete Stories of Tim Pratt (So Far), which is actually a completely exclusive title to this bundle. You won't find it anywhere else.

When you check out you'll be donating your money to the authors who wrote those books you love, and you'll be able to choose a charity to give to as well. Fiction Bundle allows you to choose between supporting The Red Cross, or the Challenger Center for Space Science Education. Both amazing causes, in my opinion! You'll also get to choose how your money is allocated. Want to give it all to charity? Done. All to the authors? No problem. Want to throw in a tip for the Fiction Bundle team and all they do? You can do that too. Your money, your way.

Do I have you convinced? Quality books, you choose the price, and a way to support authors/charity at the same time. If bundles are the way that ebook sales are going, I'm a happy girl! Give Fiction Bundle a try, and don't say I didn't warn you if you get hooked.


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