Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Blog Goals!

It's time to set some blog goals for 2014!

Every year I set myself a few, hopefully attainable, goals to help me out with this blog. It will always be my hobby, always something I love, but it still needs organization to run smoothly :). Plus I love setting goals!

First let's look at my goals for 2013:

1. Schedule, Schedule, SCHEDULE!
I wanted to make sure that I scheduled posts ahead of time, so I had things ready when life got busy. Truth? I didn't really do much of that this year. I still want to get better about writing posts early on!

2. Read out of the box!
This goal was all about reading out of my comfort zone, which I totally did this year! I dove into Historical Fiction, Mystery/Thrillers, and even a few Memoirs. It was a great experience, and I even fell in love with Romance!

3. Clean the feed reader, and do more commenting!
Well, this was kind of done for me. When Google Reader disappeared, I started all over again with subscribing to blogs I loved. In the commenting department, I've gotten better! I visit when I can, and participating in more memes has helped a lot.

4. Share the love, and be a blog mentor.
This I've kind of slacked off on. Honestly. Maybe this year will be better. 

5. Interact more with my readers.
Once again, something I'm working on! I have been responding to comments when I can, but I think more appreciation events are in order :). After all, you are all awesome!



Only three this year!

1. Keep things organized.
This year I set up a calendar for reviews, and separate email folder for review requests. It's been working well! I want to keep this going, and work on scheduling more things ahead of time. I also want to start writing reviews as close to reading the book as I can.

2. Interact more with other readers.
I've already started this by starting a book club! Also joining BookLikes has been great for this as well. I plan on trying to be more active in my community. I love books, you love books, let's chat! 

3. Stop feeling guilty.
 This is a big one. I find myself feeling guilty about not being able to accept all review requests, about not having time to read unsolicited books I'm sent, about being too busy to post. The question is, why? If I promise to read a book, I will. If I haven't, why should I feel guilty? I need to focus more on enjoying this again, and less on making it a job :).

Happy 2014 everyone! Let's make it amazing! 


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