Saturday, November 23, 2013

Long Beach Comic Con 2013!

Today I spent most of my day wandering around my hometown's version of Comic Con! I'm a huge fan of comics, graphic novels, and all things horror related. What's not to love? Seriously!

I wandered the floor in a daze. Half caught between staring at things I wanted to buy, and things that were just were created with such insane talent that I couldn't look away. You know that feeling when you wish you had enough money to buy everything you look at? Yeah, that was me.

Anyway I wanted to two of the cool, bookish things I found today!


Today I met Mike Kunkel, author/illustrator of Herobear and the Kid. You can find this cover, and sample pages at his website here. I'll even throw in a Goodreads link for you, so you don't forget.

Let me tell you guys, I'm in love. Seriously and utterly in love with this sweet bear and his kid, Tyler! There's so much heart to this story, so much childhood imagination and goodness. *swoon* I devoured the first book on the bus on the way home, and am so happy I bought the other four. I can't wait to dive further in! 

If you've got even the least bit of heart inside you, it will melt when you meet Tyler and Herobear. Now I just need to get the adorable little plush bear that goes along with these!


I also had the pleasure of meeting Joshua Silverman, author of The Emerald Tablet. This is book one in the Legends of Amun Ra series and I was hooked by the premise! Egyptian lore, adventure and betrayal. What more can a girl ask for? Anyone who has followed me for any length of time knows I'm a sucker for Science Fiction and Fantasy. I'm eager to start this!

You can add this book to your reading list on Goodreads, or check out his website if you so wish. 


I'm hoping I might have helped you find something new to love! I keep going to Comic Cons ever year, and every year I come home with new stuff to be obsessed with. It's worth it :).

Thanks for listening, and happy reading week!


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