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The One About Kissing: A Guest Post by Romily Bernard

Yesterday I posted a review of Romily Bernard's Find Me, and gushed about how awesome it was! Today I'm lucky enough to have the author herself on the blog! You know what I love about books? Good romance. You know what I love about romance? Kissing. So without further ado, here's a guest post from Romily....all about kissing.


The One About Kissing

     Is there anything better than a kiss scene? It’s so much more satisfying than a fight scene or a chase scene although it can leave you just as pumped. I do wish they weren’t so flipping hard to write though. Maybe it’s me. The final fight scene in FIND ME took, maybe, a full day to write, but the first kiss scene…yeah…that was way longer.

     It’d be so much easier if I could just type “And then they sucked face.” But y’all don’t want to read that and neither do I. You know who I could read again and again though?

     Yeah, I know. You don’t care, but I’m in a sharing mood. It’s probably all the carbs I’ve been loading lately. Side note: I like saying “carb loading,” makes me sound like I’m preparing for a marathon rather than worrying about FIND ME reviews. I am a big fan of frosting. Big. Fan. And sandwiches. Those are good too.

     And now my side note as turned into a full-fledged digression. For those of you playing along at home, this is surprising no one.

     Okay, back to writers who amaze me. In no particular order, let’s start with…

     Rainbow Rowell. If you have not read ELEANOR AND PARK, there is something seriously wrong with you. Kidding! But really why? Why? Why do you hurt me like this? All I want to do is share the awesomeness that is Eleanor and her Park. Rowell’s kissing scenes are so well done—not only because she’s a beautiful writer, but also because the tension leading up to that kiss is perfectly rendered.

     Sherry Thomas. Okay, confession: I have not read THE BURNING SKY…yet. I discovered Thomas back when she was writing historicals and they were amaze-balls. The emotional angst between the hero and heroine in PRIVATE ARRANGEMENTS was like a gut-punch. In the absolute best way. When the h/h finally kiss, you want to cheer…and cry because there’s so much damage between them.

     Simone Elkeles. Actually, I’m going to have to say that again, Simone Elkeles. Can we say PERFECT CHEMISTRY? Yes. We. Can. How about CHAIN REACTION? Yep. Enough said.

     Although now I have to sit down. Y’all are going to have to give me a second.

     Okay. Am better now.

     So those are some of my favorite authors, but because I’m still filled with the spirit of sharing (or cake pops, it’s a toss up really) I’m adding one of my favorite kiss scenes from FIND ME. I am not Rainbow Rowell, Sherry Thomas, or Simone Elkeles, but I hope you enjoy it.


“We should probably get going,” I say.

“Sure thing.” Griff starts to ease closer and I freeze. “But we don’t have rush off. I have my bike. It’ll take less than twenty minutes to get to Joe’s.”

“I…I…” I don’t know what to say. We’re only inches apart now and my brain has stalled. Griff’s body slides lower along mine and I have to stifle a gasp. He still smells like grass and chlorine from last night and his hair has dried in messy spikes.

Griff smiles and, for a second, I think he’s going to kiss me again, but he turns his head so his whispers rush past my ear, making my skin leap like it’s electrified. “I like waking up to you, Wicked.”

I dig my fingers into the covers so I don’t dig them into him. “I thought you were awake because I kept kicking you.”

“Yeah, you were.” Griff’s hand drifts up, up, up my neck until it’s cupping my jaw. “But, mostly, I was up because I wanted to do this.”

His lips press against corner of my jaw…my cheek…my mouth. I roll into him and he pushes me down, pins me to the bed.

“Again,” he breathes.


As always, a huge thank you to Jessica at Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile for having me. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone enjoys FIND ME!!

I graduated from Georgia State University with a Literature degree. Since then, I’ve worked as a riding instructor, cell phone salesgirl, personal assistant, groom, exercise rider, accounting assistant, and, during a very dark time, customer service rep.

So don’t let anyone tell you a BA degree will keep you unemployed.
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