Friday, September 6, 2013

Indie Bundles! Great books, great prices!

Hi bookish friends! I have a bit of a last minute guest post today, but it's a great one! I recently shared about StoryBundle on my BookLikes page, but I realized that I hadn't done it here yet. Then Anthea Sharp, one of the awesome authors featured in the current bundle, contacted me about it. So I decided I'd let her sing the praises of Indie Bundles to you all! Enjoy, and don't forget to go snag some AMAZING books!


Indie bundles!

Hi all! Jessica invited me to guest post today about e-book bundles. I’m sure many of you have noticed the upsurge of awesome e-book collections available recently. These bundles feature three, or six, or sometimes even ten authors, and usually are based around a theme. The romance genre has led the way, but other authors are jumping on board the bundle bandwagon – which is great news for readers! Who doesn't want to scoop up a bunch of interesting books for a sweet low price?

There are a couple different ways these multi-author bundles happen, and most of them require having the complete book rights (and nimbleness) of indie authors. Although a few of the big publishing houses are dipping their toes in, the majority of bundles right now are put together by indie authors, or independent outfits. One of the best of these is Story Bundle. Every month or so, they feature a pay-what-you-want bundle of selectively curated books, available for only three weeks. This time out, it’s a YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi bundle, available just until September 17th. And as an extra bonus, readers get a free book just for signing up on the Story Bundle mailing list. Check it out!

Then there’s the collective route, where a group of like-minded authors issue a bundle of their works together. In my case, I’m part of a very loose group of YA Fantasy writers who all feature faeries in their books. Our collection is called Faery Worlds, and it’s made up of the first books in six fan-favorite series from bestselling, award-winning authors, with adventure, love, and plenty of Fae Magic. Currently on sale for.99 cents - for a limited time only, at all online retailers, including  AMAZON    AMAZON UK      APPLE      B&N      KOBO      SMASHWORDS

There is one problem, of course, with all these fantastic bundles. I don’t know about you, but my TBR stack is way out of control. Still, who can resist such great books for such a crazy low price? If you need me, I’ll be over here, reading…

Found any great bundles to recommend? Please share them in the comments!

Anthea Sharp’s award-winning Feyland trilogy mixes high-tech gaming, faeries, and a touch of romance. She makes her home in the Pacific NW, where she plays and teaches the Irish fiddle, hangs out in virtual worlds, drinks strong black tea, and tries to catch up on her reading, in between writing books. Find her at


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