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Blogger Backstage Pass: Melissa from Harley Bear Book Blog

It's time for another edition of Blogger Backstage Pass! Are you always looking for shiny new blogs to follow? Do you feel like you'd just like to get to know some of the bloggers a little better? Here's your opportunity.

Each month I'll pick a new blogger and host them here! You'll get to see an interview with them and nab all their contact info. Also, in case you forget who they are and want to visit them, their information will be in the right hand sidebar all month.

This month's featured blogger is...

Melissa from Harley Bear Book Blog!
First, I curl up on the couch with my brother's Pomeranian Poodle, Harley Bear, and read YA books. Then, I review and rate them by plot, characters, setting, pacing, and style. I participate in weekly memes, read-a-thons, challenges, and run features like Passion for Bookish Fashion and Review & Recipe!
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Take some time to read her interview below, and don't forget to visit her!


1) Hi Melissa! Welcome to the blog! Let's start by getting to know you. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your reading habits!

Thanks so much for having me today! Let's see…I'm twenty-three and at that point in my life where I'm not sure which career path I want to take. I have a BA in Elementary Education, but decided I'd rather decorate cakes or write novels instead so until I figure out how to make those dreams come true I'm working for an insurance company (very random I know!). When I'm not reading, I can be found dancing in a Zumba class or around the house while I clean (I'm slightly OCD). 

A big chunk of my days are spent reading though. I try to sneak in time during breakfast or lunch breaks, in waiting rooms, before I go to sleep, etc. I mostly read YA Paranormal, Dystopian, and Contemporary…occasionally Fantasy too! I'm starting to get into audio books recently so if anyone has recommendations please let me know your favorites! So far in 2013 I've read 47 books. I always say my obsession with reading is my "research" for when I write my own novel. That's a good justification right? 

2) How did you find the book blogging community? What is your favorite part about running your blog?

I actually stumbled upon the blogging community by accident. My dad had randomly suggested I start a book blog because he was bored of me gushing about my favorite fictional characters like they were real people. I took his advice and soon discovered there was a whole bookish community out there! My favorite part about my blog is the features I've created where I get to incorporate my favorite things like cooking, fashion, and web design.

3) Let's say you are offered a free vacation anywhere in the world! Where do you go?

My first reaction was DISNEY WORLD! I haven't been there since I was five and my inner child is dying to go back. But once I thought about it more I really want to go to Italy more. My great grandparents came over from there and I would love to see my family history. Plus I hear the food is amazing.

4) What three books would you absolutely recommend right now?

I'm going to cheat and do series that I just read recently. Shatter Me, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, and Shadow and Bone.

5) I see from your bio that you're an aspiring author! What drew you into the writing world? 

When I was in 1st grade I was having trouble learning how to read, but my teacher worked with me a lot and really fostered my love for reading. I've been an avid reader ever since. When times got hard growing up I would escape in worlds like Hogwarts and it made it a little easier to get through life at times. I want to do that for someone else by writing YA fiction. I also was drawn to writing because I love creative things (I'm a big craft lover. I make scrapbooks, crochet, and decorate cakes). And writing is one of the most creative outlets I have found so far!

6) Any final words?

This was fun! Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. I'm always looking for new bookish friends so everyone feel free to tweet me! Let's chat books!


Thank YOU Melissa for allowing us all to get to know you!

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