Thursday, June 20, 2013

And...Discuss! (6/20/13)

And...Discuss is a way for me to share a topic I've been thinking about, ramble about it for a bit, and then open the floor to your opinions. An open forum for bookaholics!

This time the topic is....


Here is a topic that, especially lately, is near and dear to my heart. I had to close my review requests after only two weeks of having them open this month, simply because I ended up with so many so quickly!

I love Indie authors with all my heart and soul. I love reading their books, spouting love for them, and then pouring that love all over the Internet. So I always accept all requests and go through them one at a time.

However lately I've had a hard time quickly getting through all the emails. I used to answer every one with a yes, a no thank you, or an offer for a promo post. Now? It takes me a long time to get through doing that and sometimes I have to skip some altogether. It makes me feel terrible, honestly, but I'm gone at work 12 hours a day, come home, eat, answer emails, type these posts, and then jet off to bed :). Ah, the life of a book blogger!

Enough about me though, here's the topic I wanted to discuss:

How do you handle review requests? Do you answer all of them? Only the ones you're going to accept? How do you manage the dreaded FULL inbox?

If you're an author, do you like to see a definite answer? Shout out your opinions too!


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