Thursday, May 9, 2013

Book Review: Deadweather and Sunrise

Media Type: Print Book
Title: Deadweather and Sunrise
   * Series: The Chronicles of Egg #1
Author: Geoff Rodkey
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile
Pages: Hardcover; 288
Release Date: May 29, 2012
Source: Publisher
Content Screening: Mild Violence

HDB Rating: 4 Keys to My Heart

Recommended to: Readers who enjoy stories with characters who are put into impossible situations!

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A stunning middle-grade debut--full of heart, humor, and nonstop action.

It's tough to be thirteen, especially when somebody's trying to kill you.

Not that Egg's life was ever easy, growing up on sweaty, pirate-infested Deadweather Island with no company except an incompetent tutor and a pair of unusually violent siblings who hate his guts.

But when Egg's father hustles their family off on a mysterious errand to fabulously wealthy Sunrise Island, then disappears with the siblings in a freak accident, Egg finds himself a long-term guest at the mansion of the glamorous Pembroke family and their beautiful, sharp-tongued daughter Millicent. Finally, life seems perfect.

Until someone tries to throw him off a cliff.

Suddenly, Egg's running for his life in a bewildering world of cutthroat pirates, villainous businessmen, and strange Native legends. The only people who can help him sort out the mystery of why he's been marked for death are Millicent and a one-handed, possibly deranged cabin boy.

Come along for the ride. You'll be glad you did.

I'll admit that when I was first seduced by the cover of Deadweather and Sunrise. After all, it's hard not to expect adventure when there are pirates involved. Better yet, I knew that our young hero was one Egbert, a boy whose life was filled with mishap and adventure. If there is one thing I love, it's a male protagonist. So off I went, falling page by page deeper in love with Geoff Rodkey's written world.

Young Egbert's story is very similar to many other protagonists out there. Well, at least it is at the beginning. Downtrodden and misunderstood, Egg (as he prefers to be called) has a life that not many of us would envy. His family is just terrible. The island he lives on smells and is filled with pirates, but not the type of cool pirates we would all envision mind you. Worst of all, it seems to Egg that no adventure will ever make its way into his life. He should be careful what he wishes for.

I was a huge fan of every character who made their way into this book. Each and every one fits perfectly into the story, and yet they all have such stunning personalities. If I had to choose a favorite, I do believe Miss Millicent gets my vote. The perfect combination of daring and demure, here is a girl that is worthy of Egg's affection. I was a bit saddened that there weren't sparks flying just yet, but I have hope for the next book. Suffice it to say that the entire cast surrounding Egg make this a book that you just can't stop reading.

In terms of adventure, there's plenty. I noticed that this book is a little slower to start out, but again Geoff Rodkey really works hard to build the world for the reader. Deadweather Island comes to life, and stands out in stark contrast to Sunrise Island. I can't wait to see more of the world as they travel, and I know there is much more to come in the next book.

So, as you can probably discern, I really enjoyed Deadweather and Sunrise. As usual I could probably ramble on and on, but I'll leave it to you to decide whether or not this is something for you. A quick heads up to parents looking at this for your children: there is violence. I wouldn't say it's over the top, but it is there. I mean, there are pirates involved after all. Pick this up, the series is just getting started!

FTC Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion.


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