Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekly Rewind (4/14/13)

Looking for a dark, gritty mystery novel? Set in San Francisco, Robert K. Lewis weaves a tale of what can happen when you hit rock bottom and struggle to pull yourself back out. 

Charlotte Rains Dixon stops by the blog to talk about her new book, Emma Jean's Bad Behavior! Check out what she has to say.

I was so drawn in by this book. Full of intrigue, questions of morality and the line between childhood and adulthood, this is an amazing book.

Alivia Anders, my favorite person ever, has finally revealed the cover for her newest book, A Shard of Ice! It's GORGEOUS. Check it out!

Love twisted romance? Jenny E. Miller's Asylum is set in a sanitarium, the ultimate in creepy scenes! Best of all, you can win a copy! Just click the link above!

It's my blogoversary!!! Three years ago today, I started up this little blog and decided to share my bookish tendencies with world. I've loved every minute of it since then! I'll be giving away little things all week, so make sure to check the blog :).

Thanks for being a follower! Please know I appreciate you all!


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