Friday, February 22, 2013

The Writer's Cave: A guest post and giveaway with B.C. Burgess!

Today's guest is B.C. Burgess, author of Descension! She's on tour with AToMR Tours to promote her new book, and I'm lucky enough to be the lucky blog hosting :). Huzzah! First let's put a spotlight on Descension shall we?

The Angel
After three years caring for her dying mother, Layla Callaway learns she was adopted under unusual circumstances. Following a cryptic message to seek her birth family in Oregon, Layla uproots her lonely life, quickly finding she descends from witches and wizards. Magic is in her blood, and a handsome family friend is eager to prove it. Through a ring imprinted with her birth parents’ memories, Layla’s enigmatic past comes to light, presenting possibilities and trials more chimerical than her wildest dreams.

The Guardian
Quin’s natural charisma yields plenty of witches, but he longs for the lost witch – the mysterious Layla. He's dreamed about her his entire life, envisioning the day he would lay eyes on her face and aura. When that day arrives, not only is he breathless, he’s confronted with the challenge of a lifetime – an innate need to keep her safe and forever by his side.

The Hunter
Employing fiendish manipulation and manpower, Agro uses the arcane force of others to elevate his supremacy and wealth. Nothing pleases him more than latching on to a mystical vein, and never has there been a more enticing source. The divine witch will be his.

Now, on to the guest post! B.C. Burgess is here to tell you all about her writing cave, where the work gets done and the stories come to life. Don't forget to read on down to the bottom at the end, since there's a giveaway waiting for you as well!


The Writer’s Cave:

When I told my husband I was going to do a feature called The Writer’s Cave, he laughed, and rightly so. My desk is located three steps from the kitchen, four steps from one of my son’s toy boxes (yes, one of multiple toy boxes), and five steps from the TV and Xbox. The right side of the desktop is stacked with paid bills that need filed; the left side is scattered with notebooks and loose sheets of paper scrawled with ideas and info that I’ll need later (and probably won’t be able to find); and the cubbies are stuffed with unpaid bills and important paperwork (which should also be filed). Down the middle there’s a two-foot wide strip cleared for my coffee, keyboard, and monitor.

No one wants this workspace, and if you need further convincing, refer to the photo of the wilting bamboo plant. That photo was my husband’s idea. After he finished laughing at me, he suggested I snap a picture of the dying bamboo plant as proof that writing gets done in my cave… you know, at the expense of everything else. And he’s absolutely right (don’t you hate when that happens?). This poor, dehydrated bamboo plant, with its crippled little leaves stooped like a ninety-year-old-man, is an innocent captive desperate to escape the busy and unorganized space that is my writer’s cave. 

“But where’s the creativity?” you ask. “How do you draw inspiration and write in such dire conditions?” Well, I’ll tell you. I wait for everyone to go to bed. That’s right, once they’re all tucked in, I sneak to my cave – finally quiet yet never organized – and I… clean? Hell no. I write! Forget cleaning. This is the ONLY time I get to write.

“But what about inspiration?” you ask. To which I reply there’s plenty of inspiration in the world (not to mention the World Wide Web), so I don’t need it on my desk. And all my creativity goes into my work, so designing a creative space isn’t my priority, which is what it’s all about – priority. First comes the six-year-old, then the husband, then the pets, then the writing, and then I’m out of time, so poor little bamboo plant and the rest of my writing cave gets neglected.

Someday I’d love to have a room with four walls and door and a clean desk that’s spitting distance from a bookshelf. No wait, let’s shoot a little higher. Someday I’d love to have a library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a large, pristine desk holding the most advanced computer, and most importantly – an assistant to organize it all and water the bamboo plant. Then maybe my husband won’t laugh at the idea of a writer’s cave feature. And if he does, I’ll make him strip naked and organize my bookshelves, and I’ll call it inspiration. ;)


I'm a small town girl with big dreams and a wild imagination. I'm addicted to coffee and writing. The combination is my idea of heaven. I read every day, if only to my young son, whom I hope to someday inspire with my passion for writing.

I love hearing from my readers, so feel free to contact me through any of the links below.


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