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Blogger Backstage Pass: Rebecca from Rebecca Books!

It's time for another edition of Blogger Backstage Pass! Are you always looking for shiny new blogs to follow? Do you feel like you'd just like to get to know some of the bloggers a little better? Here's your opportunity.

Each month I'll pick a new blogger and host them here! You'll get to see an interview with them and nab all their contact info. Also, in case you forget who they are and want to visit them, their information will be in the right hand sidebar all month.

This month's featured blogger is...

Rebecca from Rebecca Books!

Rebecca-Books is my little corner of the internet where I write anything and everything about one of my passions, books. I hope that my blog offers a teenage, student perspective of YA books but ultimately, Rebecca-Books is just somewhere to document my thoughts, joys and the enticements of the books I read with those that also LOVE the smell of books!
Find Rebecca at: Twitter / Goodreads

Take some time to read her interview below, and don't forget to visit her!


1) Hi Rebecca! Welcome to the blog! How about we start by you telling us a little bit about yourself and your reading habits? 

Hello, I’m so happy to be the Featured Blogger this month, and in the month of my birthday too!

I’m a 17-going-on-18-this-month student living in London, England. I also work in my local bookshop at the weekends and I have been blogging at Rebecca-Books for nearly 3 years. So I’m a book blogger and bookseller who studies books!

Reading has always been a constant in my life from a young age, I can’t really remember a time when I didn’t read. The times I read the best are in the morning once I wake up, at night before I go to bed and on journeys like on a train or aeroplane. I prefer reading proper physical books to e-books, not entirely sure why. Oh, and I love, love, LOVE the smell of books, old or new. Little weird, I know...

2) How did you find your way into the world of book blogging? What do you like best about being a part of the book blogging community?

I vaguely remember stumbling across the book blogosphere when looking for some reviews of a book I wanted to read. I found a book blog and thought it was such a lovely, cool idea and something I was interesting in starting myself. I created a blog that night, posted my first review (a really, really bad review too of a Sarah Dessen book) and the rest they say is history!

Looking back over the last three years since that happened, I can say without a doubt that I do not regret joining the book blogging community at all. They are the best and sometimes just the knowledge of knowing you are a part of that community is what makes book blogging brilliant. I think my favourite part is seeing the support we all show each other in comments, recommendations, mentions etc. It is a unique feeling that I’ve never shared with another group of people.

3) If you could have lunch with any author, which would you choose and why?

There are, erm, quite a few. It would be nice to have a huge lunch with ALL my favourite authors and natter the afternoon away.

If I had to choose one, it would be Sarah Dessen. She is what started Rebecca-Books with one of her books being the first review. She is also an author that I absolutely love and I guess she’s a role model to me in a way. Her books have something that sticks long after the last page and I have to admit, that I navigated through high-school with some of the knowledge of those experiences gained from her books. It would just be amazing to have a lunch with her over some delicious food.

4) Is there a childhood book that you still love, even today?

From a little girl, I loved this hardcover book that had a selection of stories and poems which my Dad used to read out from for my bedtime story. I get it out every so often when I get nostalgic and remember all the voices he used to do and how excited I was whenever I saw him take it off the bookshelf.

Since I was probably about 7, I also loved Caroline Lawrence’s The Roman Mysteries series. They were so interesting and I felt SO grown-up trying to work out the mystery before the characters did. I was quite sad after I read the last book in the series a couple of years ago!

5) If we were to look at your TBR pile right now, what three books are right on top?

I don’t really have a pile of books waiting to be read at the moment, they kind of hang around with read books on my bookshelf. However, the ones that I NEED to read soon are Speechless by Hannah Harrington (loved Saving June!), The Book Thief by Markus Zusack and the new book by Anna Godbersen, The Lucky Ones. I need to know what happens to the characters in the end!

6) After reading your bio, I see you are a movie fan! So let's plan your challenge question accordingly ;).

You have the opportunity to cast the characters for any one of your favorite books. What book do you choose, and who do you choose to play the characters?

Ah, yes. I love watching films, especially adaptations (the one I love at the moment is Les Miserables – if you haven’t seen it, go watch it!).

One book I love is Dash and Lily’s Books of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. I loved the romance in the story, the setting of New York and it’s just such a lovely, quirky, sweet novel. I would like to see that made into one of those ‘feel-good’ movies that we ALL love.

Who would I cast? I can imagine Felicity Jones as Lily or Melissa Benoist (plays Marley in Glee) for some reason. Not sure who exactly to play Dash, someone a little younger and quirky to go with the book. And handsome, of course.

Thank you Jessica for the interview and being chosen for the Featured Blogger this month!


Thank YOU Rebecca! Oh and happy birthday month!!!

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