Sunday, January 13, 2013

Coming Soon on HDB.... (1/13/13)


Starting out the week is a post all about Jennifer McMahon's newest book, The One I Left Behind. Her writing is powerful, and I can't tell you how much I want to read this book!


On Tuesday I'll be reviewing Breathe by Sarah Crossan. A world where the oxygen isn't a right, but a privilege? Check out my thoughts on this book.


Waiting on Wednesday speaks for itself! Come see what book I can't WAIT to get my hands on!


Thursday you'll find a review of Provex City by Michael Pierce. A book from a boy's POV that is all about ghosts and mysteries? Yes please!


To further spread the promo love, on Friday I'll be sharing Lisa Schroeder's newest book, Falling For You with all of you!


Rounding out the week, it's a review of On The Edge by Ilona Andrews! I had a big Kate Daniels shaped hole, so I filled it with this series. I'll tell you this, it didn't disappoint!

That's it for this week! 
Hope to see you by and once again thank you for being a fabulous reader :).


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