Friday, December 28, 2012

Challenge Wrap Up!

Well, the year is coming to an end! That means it's about time to see how the year went and I'll be doing just that during the next few days. To start things off, let's see how my challenges for last year went and plan for next year!

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Well, I completed this one! Actually surpassed it :). Starting my new job has been good for the amount of time I have to listen to audio books and I'm pretty excited to see how many I finish next year!

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Done!!! I read 18 standalone books this year! Which is pretty impressive considering that it's all about series books right now. I'm planning on participating again in 2013 but this time I'm going to try to keep track while I read them so I make sure to hit my mark :).

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Finished! Just barely though. I have to say that it's pretty hard to catch up on the TBR when you have so many gorgeous books coming your way in a new year :). Still, I did well! There are a lot of 2012 books I missed that I can't WAIT to catch up on in 2013, I'll tell you that!


Stay tuned later today to see what challenges I'll be participating in for next year, and keep a look out this weekend for more wrap up posts! Thanks for following!


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