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Blogger Backstage Pass: Leigh from Little Book Star!

Welcome, welcome, one and all! It's the first ever edition of the new feature, Blogger Backstage Pass! Are you always looking for shiny new blogs to follow? Do you feel like you'd just like to get to know some of the bloggers a little better? Here's your opportunity.

Each month I'll pick a new blogger and host them here! You'll get to see an interview with them and nab all their contact info. Also, in case you forget who they are and want to visit them, their information will be in the right hand sidebar all month.

This month's Featured Blogger is...

Leigh from Little Book Star!

Little Book Star is a book blog that focuses on the young adult genre. It is run by Leigh, a sixteen year old who spends her time reading instead of partying ;) *sureee*. It began during July 29, 2012 after being inspired by other bloggers and Goodreads reviewers. It's been active ever since, and is continuing to feature YA books written by authors, whether self pub or not.

Her interview is below! Don't forget to visit her, and wish her a happy reading month!


1) Hi Leigh! Congratulations on being the first featured blogger here on HDB! How about we start by you telling us a little bit about yourself and your reading habits?

First of all I'm so honored and excited to be the first blogger featured in your blog! :D My name is Leigh, I'm 16 years old, and I live in the U.S. I like to play badminton and softball for fun, and I also like to play the piano and guitar. For my reading habits, I read at least 50 pages a day. I CANNOT read while eating, it's too hard for me to resist eating while reading, haha :P. Also, it takes me after 4 or 5 chapters to actually remember a character's name :( ugh. I can't read more than 4 books at the same time, or maybe I choose not to because I want to read a few books as possible at a time so I can concentrate and relate to the book.

2) What would you say was the biggest challenge when starting your blog? Do you have any advice for aspiring bloggers out there?

Finding the right website to start your blog on. I tried Weebly, Blogger, Wix, Freewebs, Piczo, and I just didn't understand how to use them. I really wanted to use blogger as my host because almost everyone used it, but I was more comfortable with Wordpress. One of the biggest challenge that I also faced was knowing WHAT THE HECK WERE BOOK TOURS AND WHAT WAS AN ARC?! Oh my gosh, I was so lost when I encountered blogs who had book tours (Bewitching Book Tours, These Paper World Tours, and YA Bound to name a few). I'm laughing at myself right now because I remembered what I thought a book tour was. I thought it was the same thing as having a "concert tour" where authors would actually be touring with a tour bus (LOL!!!). I finally figured out what book tours and arcs were when I landed on a blog that explained everything about it. And of course, one of the biggest challenge for me was getting visitors in my blog. I literally spent a week or two hunting for blogs, leaving meaningful comments, and searching blogs from blog directories.

To all those aspiring bloggers out there, if you have any questions, just ask! Also, don't lose hope if you're starting a blog just because a lot of people are doing it. At first I didn't think my blog would have followers, but it did! Once you're settled, you'll just go with your own flow. Be organize, and have a schedule for all your posts. I keep mine in Microsoft Word. I make sure to have the book title, the author, what type of post I'm having, and the date of when I'm going to post it highlighted. Once the post goes live, I cross it out from my schedule so I won't get confused. Lastly, have fun!!! The book blogging community is reeeeaaalllyyyy fuuuun and a really great experience!

3) Where is your favorite place to get lost in a book?
I love reading at my school's library, or in my bed (before I sleep).

4) If we were to look at your TBR pile right now, what three books are right on top?

Bitter Frost by Kailin Gow
Black Moon by Jessica McQuay
Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

5) As always here on HDB, I like to end my interviews with a challenge question. Ready?
Ready Freddy!

You're given the chance to travel to any bookish world that you choose, and you can take one character from any other book with you. What bookish world do you travel to, and who do you take as your companion?

It's so hard to choose! Hmm... although I've only watched the Harry Potter movies (I'll read the books someday though) I choose to go to Hogwarts, and I would take Hades from Persephone by Kaitlin Bevis. He's kind and protective in the book, and if anyone messes with me at Hogwarts, he can just send that person to hell. Just kidding ;). I just love his character in Persephone. Of course he has that mean and scary side, but he was kind as well.

I really enjoyed this interview, and thanks for having me! :D


Thank YOU Leigh!

If you'd like to be a featured blogger, keep an eye on the Book Blogger Backstage Pass link under "Features" in the navigation bar. I'll be opening sign ups again very soon!


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